Beautiful Female Fine-Art Sculptures. Lisa Van Stygeren offers an array of unique bronze sculptures for the discerning collector. Inspired by the backdrop of the artistic culture and unparrelled beauty of Santa Fe NM, Lisa has crafted female beauty into bronze.
How fortunate I am to be alive at this special time on this earth. To be able to sculpt and create beauty wherever I am is what makes my heart sing.

It started when my daughter Kim Van Stygeren, an internationally recognized portrait artist saw me painting with pastels and said “mom, you’re sculpting on paper.”I knew that she was right. I finally reached the point in my life where the art had been unexpressed in me for so long was now was ready to emerge. So, at the age of 52, I plunged in!

For me the process starts with a block of clay, a turntable and just my fingers. Not knowing in advance what I am going to sculpt, the hardest thing for me is to just sit down and begin. As the neck and shoulders become recognizable and a face appears, even the slightest change in light or angle reveals personalities unseen before. It is at these times I feel moved to capture these angelic and peaceful images on film. So my work evolved to include photography, creating endless expressions of their beauty.

Born in Germany, I emigrated with my family to Canada when I was eleven years of age. After raising my two daughters and a ten year modeling career, I decided to relocate to Santa Fe, New Mexico the summer of 2000. This new home has offered me opportunities for high quality bronze casting at the Allan Houser Foundry and never ending blue sky.

My photographs and sculptures can be found in private collections worldwide. The bronze sculptures are available in limited editions of 9 and are further identified with an imprint of my family’s crest: Baroness Luise Von Grotthuss.